About Us

CrowdCartel is a platform which allows members with similar buying interests to connect and use their collective purchasing power to negotiate a lower price for a product.

The platform and the idea was developed by two university friends a few years back.

The whole platform was built around a simple assumption - “Surely if people start ordering their goods together they can negotiate a better price”

Due to the extremely complicated nature of trying to get enough people to agree on a certain product at the same time while having to set a minimum order quantity to achieve a good discount we are currently mostly focusing on building up strong communities one by one. This would allow us to connect enthusiasts of a certain community together and as a result place more successful orders.

As we begin to grow in size and membership our capabilities will increase and we aim to give our members a stronger voice and the ability to set up their own cartels.

If you would like to give us any feedback, good or bad, or you have any ideas or requests please contact theteam@crowdcartel.co.uk where you will be replied to directly by the owners.

Thanks for being with us on our journey

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