1) What is Crowd-Cartel?

Crowd-Cartel is a collaborative-buying platform. It allows users to connect and purchase items together as a group in a single transaction in order to get products cheaper.

2) How does Crowd-Cartel work?

Crowd-Cartel uses a simple logic – buy more, get cheaper prices. Using this logic the website aims to connect users into groups, called ‘cartels’, where they can make a purchase together as a single unit and benefit from lower prices.

3) Why is Crowd Cartel only available in the UK?

As we are a new website with few staff we are only capable of currently catering to UK residents. However, keep looking out because we aim to cater for non-UK residents in the near future.

4) What are Cartels and how do they work?

‘Cartels’ are the name we give to a collective user-base which has grouped together in order to purchase items at lower prices.

5) What is a minimum?

A minimum is the minimum required amount of items needed to be purchased by members in order to make the ‘community buy’ successful.

7) What is the timeframe?

A timeframe is the period of time the cartel will be available for. Members have to commit to buy the product before this time frame elapses.

8) Why do I have to pay a deposit to sign up to the cartel?

Due to the nature of the site where lots of people group together to buy products cheaper, we have to ensure that people signing up for an item are serious about purchasing it. This is largely due to the fact that all members are counting on each other in order to successfully complete the sale.

9) Is the deposit refundable?

If the community buy goes through it is subtracted from the final price of the product. However, if the purchase does not occur due to not enough users signing up and the minimum not being met, 100% of the deposit is refunded.

10) Is there a place where I can socialise and discuss with other CC users?

There sure is! Be sure to check out our own dedicated Subreddit where members can better organise themselves, decide on what future products or services will feature on our page, and even find other members to game with.

11) I changed my mind and want to opt out, how do I go about it?

We ask members to not sign-up to a group unless they are committed to purchasing the item. This ensures the smooth operation of the sale where a number of members have to agree to buy the same item. In exceptional circumstances, you can contact us to manually opt you out of a cartel.

12) I got a damaged, broken item what can I do?

If any item is received broken, faulty or different than described please contact us at theteam@crowdcartel.co.uk immediately.

13) The object is different than described what do I do?

If any item is received broken, faulty or different than described please contact us  at theteam@crowdcartel.co.uk immediately.


14) What is the refund policy?

The refund policy depends on the individual seller and will be described as a case-by-case scenario on each cartel’s page.

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